Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

What are Authority 301 Backlinks

Are you struggling to build links from real websites with real authority, have you ever wondered how some people get links from sites such as CNN, BBC and more. The answer to that is “Authority 301 Links”.

Most of the major authority sites, especially news sites have published millions of pieces of content over the past decade or more, now imagine the scale of external websites these publications link too, yes you got it right, thousands of millions!

Now think about how many of these websites that are being linked too by the likes of CNN of the BBC still exist. Websites expire every single day in the thousands.

So what authority backlinks are and what we do is scour these huge authority sites to find sites they link too that are now expired. Although the authority sites are still linking to this domain, the actual domain itself no longer exist.

Once we have identified these leakages in authoritative sites we then proceed to registering the domain that has a link from a high authoritative site – Once we have registered the domain we then 301 redirect the domain to your site or link target so all of the link juice flows through to your own property.